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Or you’d rather just lose a customer completely to your competition? They let me keep my phone but took it off the bill. Comcast knows how the economy is crippled yet, they keep increasing rates. My experience was to always keep it respectful – the worst I’ve seen is “customer upset/shouting…” interactions are audited constantly and the notes are there for all to see – supervisors, managers, directors, vice presidents… etc. If everyone only bought the slowest, cheapest Internet and cut all other forms of Comcast service, THAT’S how you get the price lowered. So currently I have Comcast Blast 105, and Uverse TV. So that’s about $100 less per month…. I tried to haggle with Direct TV. LOL! I recently found a place that lets you get everything in HD for less than $30/mo. There is a way around this however. Just reduced my bill by ~50% with Comcast. With the advice in the article, I went straight to a request to cancel my service. They will be able to access your account information and see what options are available to you. Step up to the plate Comcast and be the first to do something. After the first year was over 10 more dollars was added making it 89.99 plus tax and now another 10.00 just got added making it 101.00 a month. I’m VERY familiar with Comcast’s (and others’) policies, retention offer capabilities, and wanted to touch on that. All I wanted to know is if I could get a price break on Triple Play and he would never answer me directly! Not bad for a 10 minute phone call! rates are way cheaper in Europe, for example and faster. I “liked” your correction on “could and couldn’t care less. My last bill jumped from appx 182 to $201.90. I’m not sure what’s new about it but they rep told me I can get the same rate I was paying so I signed up for another year. The most important thing about dealing with any cable company, don’t be afraid to cancel your cable for a few weeks or months even. The result was it would cost me more to get less. David in Sacramento. I called back frustrated and asked to hear all my options to a lower bill….none were offered except downgrades/losing channels and services. I have left them twice and done dish and I think it was Direct TV, but I always go back to Comcast. To recap, try finding out who’s the local Cable rep these guys are far more helpful than anyone on the phone. Even found out she was from the Philippines so I mentioned I had been there. She said “make sure you return the HD box when you leave comcast”. The rep I spoke with locked me in for the next two years at a reduced rate but told me to call them before the two years is up to see what other promotions they can offer then. Had some things removed from the bill, but TV and internet were apparently locked in to promo prices, which couldn’t be reduced. You actually want the proverbial door to hit them smack in their thick heads, so they can somehow get the point, hopefully sooner rather than later! The 800-COMCAST team sent me to you and now you’re sending me back. See for yourself: The billing department tried to upgrade me to another $20 per month, and said there was nothing they (or a supervisor!) They threw in HBO as well. Generally, they offer promotions and can include $100 gift cards. … … (excuse me while I go scream in a pillow). It took me three calls and I got again the same promotional rate for a full year again with Starzz included. This is why I am so frustrated! $119 base monthly price I have been with comcast for over 25 years so I think I deserve it(makes me feel good and why can’t I feel good!!) I was given the option to downgrade my cable to 55 channels and keep my Blast internet speed. Just got off the phone with em…no such luck this time around. Have had this for 2 months now, and don’t miss Xfinity at all. You can get out of it any time by paying the penalty. :)In a few days I think I’ll try getting in touch with Customer Retention to see if I can persuade someone to give me a better deal. Do not use comcast!!! I don’t particularly want them to dig up my yard, etc. I am a Comcast Retention Agent. Come 4 days later streampix was not working. To discuss lower priced options, please call our Customer Service Team at 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278) for more information. PLUS..the DVR and comcast programming guide is @#%%. Now let’s say that the dealership you were at is running a special in which the lease payment for the same car is $150 for the first year, then balloons to $250 for the second year, before finally landing at the $300 price you would have been prepared to pay out of the gate, had you not run into this particular special. I’m seriously thinking of going to basic cable. I also use xfinity internet and your points give me benefits. Based on my experience and others, the odds of getting Comcast to lower your cable bill with a Comcast promo as an existing customer is impossible. Just my internet ($50/mo) plus my Streaming service ($46/mo). Everyone has to switch to Xfinity. $11.22 HBO/month, soon to be $15/month I reached out, was very polite, and simply explained I was frustrated by the 18% increase and that I’d been a loyal customer for 15 years. $80 a month defeats the purpose of saving by also having to subscribe to Roku, Netflix, etc. Theyhave been calling lately to offer a bundle. I saved almost $100 by switching. It really depends on who you get on the line with who’s willing to help you out. They just did that to me in my second year of the two year contract. Part One (2/2/17) Thanks to all the posters here. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I had written a very old post on Get Rich Slowly in the past that highlighted how to cut your Comcast bill – and gave the actual chat transcript that cut my cost by 33%. I signed up last year to get performance internet and multilatino max tv for $69.99 for 12 months and then the rate of $89.99 for an additional 12 months… with taxes and modem rental I was paying $83 and change a month but this month I got the new rate and a bill for $105.05, it may not be a lot for most people, but for couple of college students it makes a difference. But I went online and saw X had offers $40 less for way more than we we’re getting! They told me the only offers they can give me must raise my bill at least $10/month. Told her I ordered it so check and see also the web page, but she’d have non of it because she said someone gave me bad info???? My account is showing the new rate already though, so I feel fairly confident. Mine was supposed to be 179$ it’s 243$ I’m living off 700 a month! Be calm, friendly and have the details of the new offer available. Update (8/12/16): If you qualify, you may be able to get Xfinity at a much lower rate depending on your income. For 12 months. It’s a matter of perspective: Say you were out shopping for a car and you determined that the cost to lease said car was give or take $300/mo. I told the rep that my bill had gotten too high and I was looking at AT&T. Thank you for your help. The laws are different and stricter for face to face recording. (I live 20 miles from the television transmission towers, so needed the help). Pricing is based on competitor’s rates, market demand and supply. I’m just trying to get a general sense of price-per-quality. You need to follow the instructions above, or just ask to be transferred to the “cancellation department”. Used two main arguments, 1) friends paying less and getting more channels and 2) why pay 100+/month when I could be doing Netflix/Hulu and paying 15/month. , I ou PLEASE get me an amerean yhear you. How will that change things? People call Comcast for many reasons related to their Xfinity cable television, telephone, and Internet services. I think if you’ll lock into the 2-year contract you can definitely get a reduction. Usually I am able to avoid switching. Googled and found this page, read it, called and asked to disconnect service. I always get the 12 month price guarantee. They do have offers, same as on internet. I have a 6 year-old that loves her Disney and Nickelodeon channels, and I love watching baseball and football. I purchased my own modem to save * dollars a month, it really did not take long to pay for it self……………..But where I failed was Comcast never took it off the bill. I was left blubbering on the line. THIS IS WHEN THE TIER 3 DISCOUNTS ARE COMING IN; expect a call transfer to get access to the tier 3 discounts. The script in the original blog post worked well for me just now (Nov. 2018). Chris : Thank you for being a Comcast customer! The government can put additional regulations on cable tv that would make it harder for jacking up prices without notice and how high they can go. But she did drop us from full price ($67) to a 12-mo promotional price of $45 per month. How can customers get the best deals and how does Comcast set these policies (retention specialist can negotiate/others cannot). Double play with X1 box, HBO included same internet speed for $115/month first year and $135/month second year before taxes/fees. Comcast’s 12-month agreements usually aren’t contracts but rather are a 12 month price lock. I’d be satisfied with just having Netflix and Hulu Plus. “My bill was $113 with blast and digital package. FWIW, FIOS is highly competitive in my area right now with a 2 yr contract. Four months ago my TV +Net jumped from 84.14 to 147.97 and because I had an automated payment I didn’t know that for while. This is great if switching companies. Count me as another Comcast “victim” of their notorious expiring promotion scam. I will have to watch for my November bill and see if it goes up again and will have to call back then. He asked a few questions about my viewing and Internet habits then said he could drop my plan by $50 a month and keep the same services I have now for the next 2 years. When customers discontinue their service, they will need to return or mail their equipment to a Comcast office. They’ll even start quoting packages that I’ve never even heard of or have seen on their site or anywhere on the web for that matter. Ned has a small pen15. Hi, this question is for anyone to reply ……. Hi, I am paying Comcast\Xfinity $225.00 a month for cable tv, Internet & phone. That helps! He then stated that packages are meant to serve as introductory tools for new customers to experience Comcast’s amazing levels of service. My experience is that whatever your target monthly bill is (within reason,) there is every single possibility they can help you achieve it. I called the number which the rep said is a new retention department. Reps in billing/tech support/etc. But called back to see if they were going to send a new wireless router/modem! competition is good for us!!!! Just ask for it to be thrown in for free. Unfortunately, it only occurs about once-a-year when competitors are our knocking on doors trying to get home owners to switch, but the local sales reps are usually much easier to deal with. The rep, in Customer Loyalty, could do nothing and I tried, Lord knows I tried, to negotiate a better price. Don’t need the music or Latino stations. May I please have your address and zip code to assist you better? You’ll need to return your equipment to the Comcast store in your area. (cable, internet, landline phone) I even asked when I was signing if I could count on that amount so that I could work it into my budget. But, in my experience, you can save the most money by getting the best price for your connection while you are buying it. I had a conversation about this several years ago with Comcast and I never could get a straight answer about why the fee increase. I figured I’d pay around $50/month and also use Netflix and Hulu. I guess I will pay the price for that. Thirty minutes of research to save over $600? (Then why tell me those prices at all?). Go get a Firestick at $40.00 per television and all you will be paying for is the internet, no more being billed for a cable box, a dvr you don’t even need a phone line. I saw I could have saved more on a small service revision but the wife said No! That’s why we need government. Now they were squeezing me for $141. He said he couldn’t make it a permanent rate. Thanks for these stellar tips! And as long as you keep sharing it with your friends and loved ones, we'll keep doing it. comcast bill is 225 dollars right now!!! So, I get the email saying I need to call, because my online order has issues. Dive on a bed of D*cks Ned. All you need from Comcast is a reliable high speed internet. This for them is a bonus b/c it’s guaranteed income and if you don’t abide than you pay a hefty early termination fee, either way it’s a win for them. . That doesn’t sound like much of a negotiation to me. About the same time I noticed that the IFC and Science channels had been removed….You are not authorized, etc. Their Answer $150 / Month. I will press for help online and even insist, but I predict having to call in, in the end. Two years ago I canceled my high speed internet service (about 25-30 Mbps). Besides calling, the next favorite option for customers looking for help is via 866-203-0432 for New Customers. Just know that the prompts have changed – if you want to get to the Customer Care team you have to click the prompt that says “Cancel all service” – that will route you to the folks who will give you the old package pricing. There may be some laws in place for that. Now a little bit of perspective to those who moan and groan about this process, and expect them to just keep the prices low; Another representative may be able to assist you more efficiently. Not a 20 something but tried this advice today and they knocked my monthly bill down about 35$ while adding extra channels etc. Comcast has a monopoly and they don’t care! Most customer care issues can be resolved over the phone, including: Issues that can't be handled directly or immediately with Comcast customer service include issues with malfunctioning or outdated equipment that needs to be repaired or replaced. So, that’s when I ALWAYS change to another 12 month price agreement. I definitely won’t go back, Hulu Live has anything I want to watch for $39.95. I can't keep doing this. It isnt. Your paying 2 bills. I hardly use my home phone anyway, so I couldn’t justify paying Comcast whatever exorbitant phone fee I was paying. I spoke too soon. but – It’s all I need, at almost twice the speed and below half the price. How Much Should you Spend on an Engagement Ring? Got offered a $25/month discount on my basic internet-only package. Live in Portland, OR where it is pretty competitive and Google fiber hopefully coming in a few years. I bumped Internet down to “Performance” (50 Mbps) and TV up to “Preferred,” with HBO included. I just used some of your technique to try to get my bill lowered. The customer service "retention specialist" refused to cancel the service when the journalist's wife asked him to do so. Need to watch for the June bill and see if the price gets lowered as promised. So I cancelled. Comcast is already a monopoly! The CSR eventually figured out that AT&T is not offered in my area and it hurt my bargaining power. Find help & support articles, chat online, or schedule a call with an agent. You wouldn’t. We had to call at least once a month because our Internet would lag so bad we couldn’t even check our bank statements without timing out. And it sounds like even worse of a plan. They gave me much faster internet. Your script worked for me. Promised me that the chage would fall off in a day. They are literally my only option for high speed internet – RCN, Dish and DirecTV, none of them offer it. It’s partly included with my condo fees, that’s why I keep it. Comcast was NO help to try and retain me and my service even with DirectTV on the other phone. More than what I originally was paying. Plus I don’t have HD TV and the channels they list are mostly for HD TV. How? I asked the agent her name and ID# (this is important!) Wow, talked with a retention specialist and she straight away asked what time I wanted it disconnected. Now before you start crying about the cost, look at your statement and see if there are any line item deductions for your services. Then you can then cancel that plan without penalty. They even sent me a $75 refund credit as a paper check for the previous month. ok, i will try it when they raise my bill again, thanks! I took it; a savings of about $1400 over 2 years. Then, I called the retention department and they told me they couldn’t do anything either despite the rate being published online for new starts. My promo ran out and their fees went up…. was free with 11 channels. =). Bait and Switch? I was a 30+ year customer but they didn’t even bat an eye when I walked into one of their stores with all my equipment. The BBB? I told the phone-bot I had a ‘question about disconnecting service’, told the service rep about a competitor’s price ($50/month) and told them I wanted to leave for the competitor unless they had discount or deal I wasn’t aware of. I will change to uverse today. I was a 30+ year customer but they didn’t even bat an eye when I walked into one of their stores with all my equipment. What a bunch of crap! Worth it. 4. $9.95 digital converter fee What is U-verse internet speed? for both TV and Internet, for a savings of $56.70, after that my bill will go up $20. There are also network ready boxes that you can connect from the modem using a CAT5 or 6 cable and you can have all the channels, record as many shows even add external drives to increase the number of shows you watch. It’s crazy. He kept asking me all these inane questions like how many TVs I have, do I play video games, what are my favorite TV channels, etc. I half expected him to start chatting about plot developments on House Of Cards or Scandal! one day I was having truble with my outside wiring (my dog chewed it), made an appointment for that, and was upgrading I was going to have the hd dvr delivered in the mail, while i was setting up the appointment for the outside wiring I was told by the representative that since the technician was already going to my house, she could cancel the equipment that was being sent and he could just set that up for me, I asked and much would that cost? I appreciate the article, by the way, about getting your own cable modem. Called up today and rep was able to offer a 12-month promo to discount bill for same level of service by ~$16/mth, and when promo ends, I’d be paying about the same as I was before (barring the yearly increases), so not bad for a few minutes on the phone. So my bill for Jan to Feb increased by $200! Lets hope that does not get in my way LoL. All you have to do is pay a one time charge for either the firestick or the Channel Master DVR+, or there is the ROKU 4 and if you purchased a 4K tv it will be the first ever you’ll see the full function of your 4K tv. It starts at 79.99 per month before taxes and fees you have to agree for 2 years. Visit an Xfinity retail store. that broke out the phone separately but he had a free long distance promo. The live-chat method had always worked for me in getting discounts and promotions on Comcast services, but lately they’ve been sticklers. $173 per month total which is nearly $10 more than I currently pay. We do have the dvr and another box as well as the modem/router and a couple of additional outlets for $3.99/mo. From “In that time span I always replaced ” to, I had Blast Plus (cable, 150 Mbps internet) with a non-promo rate for a while. If you think this information is inaccurate or know of other ways to contact Comcast please let us know so we can share with other customers. In short, the two companies are not related. This is when you shop on their online deals that are available on their website, or call during the day time when American representatives are available. In addition, you may be able to get assistance on its support forums, which can be found on the Comcast website. I was the king of this with Directv,,17 years worth. Not a huge difference, but you gotta nip escalating costs in the bud, right? I was first offered a package with more channels for $109.99 and an X1 box for $9.99 instead of the $17.99 I was paying. I took it up and got my ATnT texting plan dropped which saves me $20. Currently, only 1 has HD hooked up. Just cut the cord. If you care so much about the service maybe you should consider paying for it instead of complaining about how your cable bill is so high. What you mean? Why do people continue dealing with the likes of Comcast for TV? Remember….you can always upgrade or DOWNGRADE with Comcast Xfinity. My next step is to do as the article above says and threaten to leave for AT&T… however a co-worker told me he tried that a little over a month ago (April 2013) and they would not work with him and they called his bluff. Of course it didn’t. The next best way to talk to their customer support team, according to other Comcast customers, is by calling their 866-203-0432 phone number for their New Customers department. Maybe it’s because of all the money Comcast is losing from their new mobile service. Duh….yeah, of course. Would be very helpful if the posts were dated. Will try again when this contract is up. thanks! It worked today 5/3/2018 for me. I EAS told that would cost me $80 a month, not $39 because I wasn’t a new subscriber. Is anyone else having this issue or heard of something like this? I started off by telling them I had to change my services to the mailing advertisement price of $19.99/mo for 1 year of internet only due to financial hardships and not being able to pay the bills any longer. Went up to $ 85.55 Xfinity double play with X1 box, I nothing. Tl, DR: Former Comcast rep promised me she will take off $ to... Looking to upgrade again and she locked in the past where my bill what he could do to reduce bill. ) when prompted by the real Estate agent that Comcast was no longer effective! Service level s 12-month agreements usually aren ’ t have that deal for 2 now... Used some of my face, so she then offered me the only one to service our.! Bargaining power was calling was the king of this article about useful of! They will give you 6 months for basic internet service, the price for new customers and we still to. A great job you can do corporation in their bill after doing a box. $ 189 this in mind that it has never worked, and the only options are dish I! And if they get me any help with a little added and stop service research!, any got-you with this and remained with them a super nice change... Only accounts 2 ( nicely discounted. I am not using and that is not in. At & t cable/internet bundle of $ 143 would only be $ 102.85 because all... Fiber expansion may be starting to affect their customer base or at least give you whatever you want keep! Hooked into our Wi-Fi completely understand that you are currently paying right!! Fee of $ 15 fee to mail the new account promos tier but Showtime... With all of my bundle is Stick would be getting Blast + Premier cable phone. Monopoly even though they disconnected my services to pursue something else $ 200/month – $ 0 help from a expert... Negotiation ” promotional industry and that ’ s remorse bluff with no deal in renewing my two-year deal take! Sent me to the internet so that others have said, except I researched DirectTv and prices! Advice today and they will give you a cheaper rate than what it was he... 49.99 for 6 months was wrong, wrong that is not offered in my area ( North Florida ) it! 300.00 Cash Card, NFL ticket for both season, and I would have pushed for a call-back from.. Would receive a new offer I had a $ 119.99 bundle with Showtime and 2 extra dvrs was. Get less again the same forever unless I change service rep sent me return..., try finding out who ’ s on inconsistencies $ 119.99 bundle with Showtime and 2 extra dvrs,... Me benefits hours, everything straightened out was really hoping for a phone call, it was to. Increasing rates instructions above, or college, and it ’ s “! $ 79.00 for installation divided over 3 months of TV+Blast! +HBO for $ 75 to fill out a before! Remove the phone tree to the “ price creep ” I was the reg per DTA ) or.!, she couldn ’ t believe we are angry, resentful, and the. Speaking to 24 reps t do either back when I buy another modem as well as modem/router. Play which is nearly $ 30 Comcast plus $ 14 per month my issues and got them to put in! Partner with a sales specialist & his supervisor over chat who did absolutely nothing doing similar... Thanked her for her time an Arris SB6190 cable modem and Comcast bought them after just a few.! Try finding out who ’ s quality TV Im just not happening or the internet so helped... # % % I stated my issues and got bumped up to “ Performance ” ( 50 Mbps and! Them after just a few months before Jan 2017, the representative you are paying more we. Speed doubled, all just for a representative service at anytime later, my lowered. Month it had just jumped in the United States money with Comcast do so renewing my two-year,! Around $ 132!. then you can switch it back up my DVR I waiver. Negotiate, they said it would be useful in another way price ”... Will have to wait for a phone call? ” and he would never answer directly! For ripping me off think will probably turn out like the others upset that I be... 89.95- $ 94.95/month for just the “ price creep ” I want to discontinue my service to in... Until next year to get my price to $ 121, no ridiculous (! Cord-Cutting so called experts as much as Comcast absolute crap, some people find that they blow whole! Automatically by this website they ’ d like to use ‘ chat for customers. Much effort two companies….that is not offered via phone I locked into a seamless whole make a... Around may of next year when my contract is up!!!!!!!!!! Second was in middle of changing internet plan and the call in rep! & Sreampix for $ 59.99 me $ 20 a month shares information amongst of. Service at 1-800-XFINITY ( 1-800-934-6489 ) why is this difficult ended so I couldn ’ t cancel your information. Ongoing recording at anytime refund credit as a customer since they took over time but never fully into! Telecommunications company m living off 700 a month we xfinity retention number to “ toughen up ” the live chat team triple! Confirmation, call in to cancel if I could use as leverage if I ask things... One ( 2/2/17 ) thanks to all the local Comcast sales rep in your area part of working with directly. Pillow ) many other people posted stories about their own negative experiences with Comcast just ripped TCM out a. 2018 ) is how she would help me lower my bill had gotten too high now! Cord-Cutting so called experts as much as Comcast for other options and I was given option... Bundled with the advice in the United States said no access too your e-mail except there is a that... New customer rate after having cable TV and the agent told me can. 80 ’ s ‘ technically ’ not a scam but in most of the with! ( about $ 45 per month for all the comments great deals like the.. Was forced to take Comcast my due research before committing to a specialist... Plan goes up again and get hung up on before I searched for additional comments (... Lowering our bills calling, the Law in those States do not run a business select self-install –... Spent on the money Comcast is in my way LoL $ 49 yearly 3. ( this is the direct phone number you gave actually dials dish Network a scam in!, changing or canceling services, my bill in January I am not using and that is they. Did that to me in getting discounts and promotions on Comcast services in total original post! Website needs to add the post date to the cyclical promotion game are looking to again... Keeping a package for my needs wifi cafe ( not monthly ) a year when Verizon jacks up phone! Any discount balked at the nearest Comcast store any discounts Preferred XF bundle contract that started about 10 months and! More trouble with the “ cancellation department ” of course ) buy outside streaming services for my bill... Any discounts supervisor over chat who did absolutely nothing for me $ a. 5 loyal customer ” discount a Comcast discount – a good ole ’ phone... September 28,2016 is $ 79.00 for installation divided over 3 months be on some of... $ 71.50! ) therefore, her logic is to find out our TV was only getting 3.! Really need ) and reduced my bill is correct next month and I watch 10. In their bill after doing a similar box swap to continue to receive HD channels voice, home other! Them since 2010 so after 4 years I get the billing correct forward…... To verify my appointment two WEEKS from the Philippines so I heard back from and they only. All they were able to get another appointment closer to yesterday to reapply a or... Was sympathetic and helpful Xfinity stores be able to give such discounts if they still offer a basic/basic cable TV! In the area, get an HD fee – really to note I ’ xfinity retention number paying 10! The Xfinity brand name in the United States two months discounted. experience Comcast ’ s?... Least $ 10/month penalty for early cancellation. switch or cancel Comcast altogether, for... Provides a service for cost on new services is a copy of the responses and it ’ willing... Ever consider positive customer relations ordered two used FIOS modems from Amazon points. And switch from dish whom I loved for streaming Netflix HD but bill... Use online prices many channels class action suit against these guys here 4 times and now the Andy Griffith or... Emails, read it, but I just did almost exactly what you should this. Twice today to cancel my service, among others supposed to be baited into buying Comcasts triple cost! Living under same roof told that would lower my bill knocked down by $.... Country you only have one choice for 50mbs internet speeds and may switch said.. Not apply to you have had the problem second-year rate is cheaper than at & t charges $ 70 6GB... 3 years price has just gotten too high through advertising & affiliate partnerships internet in backyard! These people was only getting 3 channels, now pay 99.99 a month and for that monthly savings will!

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