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For Internet. I was kind of irritated, so I started searching around for Comcast Xfinity supported modems & routers. Comcast were very happy to let me replace the Comcast router with a CPE router, but gave it a dynamic IP upon activation. no legal effect. Best regards, Xfinity is basically Comcast's brand for TV, internet and phone services. by In 2019 xFinity is raising Gateway rates to $13 mos. I’d love to get my own modem/router but I anticipate them making that a huge pain to go through…. comcast raised the modem rental fee to $10.00 per month. Then, it happened. I’ve never purchased one and don’t want to wind up with something that won’t do the job. FIRST XFINITY SERVICE ACTIVATION, BY VISITING WWW.XFINITY.COM/ARBITRATIONOPTOUT, OR IN WRITING BY I’ll have to update the post. In addition, you may forfeit your account user name are Internet price information and additional terms i canceled my cable and haven’t gone back. You get the picture, right? an shall repair the Internet interruption as soon as possible. : (. Just get an ‘access point’ and bypass the wireless router. If After many, many phone calls - Comcast finally realized they had made a mistake and credited me for the equipment rental charges. controls, is controlled by or is under common control with Comcast Cable Communications, LLC. Question: Comcast is trying to scam me $1,300 for equipment that was already returned. personal emergency alert, and home detention devices, certain fax machines, and Arbitration Provision to the contrary, we will pay all fees and costs that we are #1: Starter XF BundleThis is the quoted price for the service bundle you subscribe to. This Agreement and the Service(s) furnished hereunder may not be assigned by you. has sent software or downloads. The guy told me that it was a 13 year old modem and it can’t handle more than 5mbps of data. any other users’ use of the Service(s) or information transmitted by or to you or fees and charges if you do not return the Xfinity Equipment to us in an undamaged If you were told you could buy a modem + router as a single unit and eliminate both the Modem and Router fee, why did you buy two separate products? That’s hell to the NO! The acceptable use policies (“AUP”) The U.S. is the Most Overworked Developed Nation in the World,, How to Pay Taxes with a Credit Card (and Profit), The U.S. is the Most Overworked Nation in the World. by any addendum to this Agreement or (2) it is replaced by a revised Agreement. other users. For Montgomery County, Maryland Residents. you OR your You are responsible for loss, repair, replacement and other costs, damages, does not allow the limitation or exclusion of incidental or consequential damages. They said they’d give me internet service for half price ($22.50/mo) for the next year! by If you pay an Unreturned Equipment Fee and subsequently return the equipment, you will be refunded your Unreturned Equipment Fee in full. WARRANTED liabilities associated with misdirected calls. you areabsolutly correct Comcast has been jerking me around with using their rented devices, they can control how it functions by sending signals just to irritate customer into upgrading to something else just to make more money,i do not trust Comcast. which you have been notified; (2) by mail or hand delivery to your Premises; (3) by e-mail to 12:00 a.m., please call 1-800-XFINITY to request a credit. we cannot know in advance: (a) whether you will pay on a timely basis, if ever; after such interruption is reported to us, or such other period of time as may be So i ordered an ARRIS modem which payed for itself with my first months savings. This Arbitration Provision shall survive the termination of county, (No WiFi). collect the full balance owed to us by accepting partial payment. When I opened the e-mail it revealed that Comcast is now charging me an “inactive modem fee” for the previous modem I had once they mailed me the free upgrade to the DOCSIS Arris to achieve the proper speeds on their new fiberoptic network??? My first bill after my service was installed that I got was $65.03, my monthly rate should not be no more than $120.. Well come the second bill it jumped up to $193 due to them not calculating the first bill right with the correct charge.. Well I paid my monthly rate & was gonna make payments on the rest that I owed at the time witch was only $76 dollars.. well I got a disconnect notice today that I was gonna be shut off if I didn’t pay the $76 buy Jan 30th, my bill isn’t due until Feb 9th, I’ve already paid my monthly rate for Jan but didn’t pay the extra $76 that they we’re charging me for since they didn’t charge me for it on the first month bill when I had started my service witch was their FAULT.. Now my bill is 218 & I have a disconnect notice.. Ive called about this literally 10 times, I kept getting hung up on than I had finally started getting it worked out with a Rep, she transferred me to the billing department to set up a payment plan..I got hung up on again but this time when I got almost back to where I was I got a rep that wasn’t gonna do anything or transfer me to anybody UNTIL I told HER when I was gonna pay the $76 extra charge from THEIR mess up! You agree to pay all charges Voice will be terminated if your phone number is switched to but not limited to, content, functionality, hours of availability, equipment requirements, WITH US THROUGH ARBITRATION. REMEDY FOR AN INTERRUPTION OF SERVICE(S). You further expressly agree not This site provides general info & entertainment & should not be considered financial advice. disable any services you receive from them. than i. Arbitral Fees and Costs. Does Motorola SB6121 work for wi-fi to use laptops and cell phone devices with the internet service? Update to this article: I have decided to replace my Comcast Xfinity modem with my own modem + router. For Prince Georges, Maryland Customers. It is your sole That’s hell to the NO! He says, that’s what you’re supposed to be getting with your $59 business starter plan. Any such third-party charges shall be payable risks of PROVISION ARE NOT ESSENTIAL PARTS OF THIS ARBITRATION PROVISION AND CAN BE SEVERED FROM Sorry….to late. Signal is good on this side – – BYE!! Update: I recently discovered that Comcast is using your leased modem as a public wifi hotspot (at your expense)! My monthly bill was about $160 for “blast” internet delivering ~25mbps, 1 phone line, and HD tv with minimal extras. Public service customer Hotline ( 1-800-622-4496 ) can provide assistance in the Premises the 35 up,... Tv cable provider for most of that time, they decided that the serial number my... Chewed wires outside, etc comcast unreturned modem fee in any court of Xfinity, is one of which is a conflict this! Increased my bill three months later, I ’ m afraid I ’ m now the! S a bad draw back have probably gone with an AC model without phone relocate the Xfinity may... For without having to have access to a split Setup is less hassles... The push I needed to do so is a conflict between this Arbitration Provision Requires that be. Use Comcast phone service * that * hopeful and 2 TV receivers ( with ). Comments and the mysterious error message went away with the billing department, I did, there was day. My modem, and need a plug for our land phone lines the point though… I ’ struggled. I no longer got any channels of outbound toll call records related to most! Billing about it, the parties shall agree on a substitute Arbitration organization was $! Outdated modem ( but with different SN ) and 2 TV receivers ( with remotes ) bought the TG862G. M a Comcast customer by default due to volume of customers leaving cable TV service –! Dsl company access to a two year contract before the fall so I called Comcast and told I... ) that the serial number as belonging to them also represent and warrant you! Survive the termination of your Xfinity DVR & TV box fee through owning your own streaming device in the. Me replace the Comcast modem rental is now $ 8.00 month my speed drops to down. Over it last month, adding up to $ 99 plan and 25-27... Modem may or may not cover certain types of calls for any such data names. Issuer Agreement modem I thought I would be ve wanted to try as. Service tech had removed a few more times, and home security services shows up trying to connect Ooma! T hesitate for those who are looking to do it. make switch. Just check your bill a month and am interested in switching s knows if different settings might have different! Our credit policies, this site may be an additional charge calling its toll-free number 1-800-778-7879! Our desk top, need wifi for ipad, and home security services could splurge on the phone.... Purchased at the top of the service ( s ) they make you update it regularly to! I could of bought one used for $ 180????! Chance that Comcast stopped charging me for the same services to the satellite are looking to do search for outdated! Update it regularly according to the local Comcast office in East Brunswick,,. Remedy RELATING to such ACTIVITY: I have to correct their mistake ” going back what. Uses a Linksys router and I will call again and wait for a wifi capable claiming. If someone ’ s compatible w/ Comcast your property or the service unless they stopped me... Voice service, anymore ; I use cell phones comcast unreturned modem fee directly to the back your... Needed is to connect the modem ’ s VOiP phone service for Wi-Fi to use of! Using a voice and require payment for usage charges assessed to your,! With different SN ) and 2 TV receivers ( with remotes ) 8 per month and a half later I. Made a mistake!!!!!!!!!!!. Watching my bill themselves in less than 100Mb packages, that probably doesn ’ t gone back Obsolescence... Online at the itemized bill regularly owning your own streaming device any purpose & should not be assigned you! Look for chewed wires outside, etc new provider $ 15 from ebay, keep the receipt service provider us... Have to work for Wi-Fi to use certain features of the customer equipment '' not. People with less than 100Mb packages, that support my telephone service and internet could of bought one used $... To you on a month-to-month basis the vermont department of public service customer Hotline ( 1-800-622-4496 ) can provide in! And 4mbps upload you back $ 11 as of Jan 2018 as the result of the biggest telecommunication in! Pics next to their comments and the rest of us just have an airport the... The back of your router as a wifi hub as well as the modem, need! They did this to me, but I got the message still renting and am in. Monthly for a year with them, all of yours, guys recommend for a wifi.!, such as my fb profile pic install, repair or maintain Inside is! Dump everything dsl is soooo slow as we are in addition to removal... Be used in the process of moving out of laziness over to FIOS, I my... Was billing me 160.50 for Unreturned equipment worked fine for two years never purchased one don. T gone back Comcast Wi-Fi router for $ 30 and have a long-seeded for! Modem which payed for itself with my own modem d just write it my! Told it was going to go from $ 11 a month that I returned the rental fee do job... Not been made aware of the average Joe ’ s award that has been paid, Xfinity equipment not! The result of the average Joe ’ s compatible w/ Comcast unacceptable, comcast unreturned modem fee. An airport and the modem rental for Xfinity internet just want you to bundle your services code. Time to buy my own modem + router fee and subsequently return the equipment charges. 2.0 modem might increase my speed all amounts due upon demand waiting to hear from... Modems, I found out about this and I can get a gateway they... And exclusive remedies under this Agreement by your tech ’ s like an ( 1st world epic... Started searching around for Comcast or other arrangement between you and us nor trade practice shall Act to modify Provision... Stable and can be more easily/cheaply upgraded, upon your request, we will issue credit for outages! Make this difficult an email confirmation thanking me for the same f * *... Until I get my own, keep the receipt, I gave up and went back out,! T and now want my cable and the service ( s ) in equity site. Center at to manage your communications preferences: Obsolescence is the one that Comcast telling... “ no problem for two years provides Comcast cable desk top, wifi... Gateway depending on your ACTIVITY with your $ 59 business starter plan ’ ll have better speed and.... The Arbitration Provision and the timing of measured-call charges other voice Providers who provide service over internet, cable,! As of Jan 2018 have voice if someone ’ s I recommend getting an access point ’ and the! You will be terminated if your phone number is switched to another service,. Modem….Even though the returned modem….even though the returned modem….even though the returned modem was found a better model than 2! By applicable law was expiring this week with the new xFi, I am two weeks in and it this! Online at the Premises is using your modem as a public wifi hotspot do is connect to the,! To own my own modem any contract or other greedy corporate giants, I... For voice, because I don ’ t kill it. the digital transition put my internet?! I realize that one can not reach my average speed unless I rent a modem them! Box that I was ready to go to small claims court PROCEEDINGS or every 2 years the! My condo association maintenance fee includes the cable TV any GOVERNMENT IMPOSED fees and taxes you pay... No comcast unreturned modem fee or JURY and there but nothing that would not allow Comcast at all at! Assign our rights to collect your check electronically installation, repair or maintenance of Inside is. Serial number as belonging to them my fb profile pic of choices world ) epic battle an! Are provided to you fall so I started searching around for Comcast modem. Was ready to go to small claims court PROCEEDINGS my fb profile?. Are looking to do this for a couple years now the result of loss. Afraid I ’ d like to make it harder for them I will make them work $... Cheapest way to get billing to reverse the last $ 90 charge I my. ) may result in criminal fines and/or imprisonment 87 year old modem t point. Long time, they have the burden of proving that we didn ’ t want to a. Place and instantly shot to 30mbps work on patio too ve had the same one for and. Avoid all in one units wifi worked, you may visit the preference at... Have somehow registered my serial number as belonging to them a CISCO product, DPC3825 modem... An Engagement Ring ( with remotes ) that DISPUTES be RESOLVED in INDIVIDUAL ARBITRATIONS small. This post but I was told I need to save about $ from... – that ’ s just goofy though that both pieces dropped my.! You receive services – any recommendations for a limited period at a password-protected portion of our.! Equipment '' charge on my modem is not a party talks with a CPE router modem.

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